Melvin Grier . . . Photojournalist
Electric Artichokes
When it comes to being handy around the house,Iím not the guy you would think of.Iím fairly proficient at changing light bulbs.If WD40 or duct tape will not fix it then I call in a expert.

However, I once had a food assignment at The Post that called for an illustration featuring artichokes. After a bit,very little bit, of thought I decided that I was going to place tiny bulbs in the back of each artichoke so I would get a purplish glow.

There was an hardware store down the street from The Post so I went there and told the guy behind the counter what I wanted to accomplish so he suggested on some wiring connected to a rheostat. He also gave me a look that said this guy is in above his head.

I managed to get the rig working and you can see how the photograph turned out. Later another photographer who is handy marveled that I had not electrocuted myself.

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Electric Artichokes

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